Montag, 30. Januar 2012


Just a quick post of Rick Owen's new fall/winter collection. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it so I had to do a quick post about it! I think the futuristic not avant-gardistic, but chic character is pretty remarkable. By the way :P , I'll delete most of my elther post and redesign my blog , maybe even change the name of it. As I already said I found a new direction, a new me, and want to end the old chapter of myself. Be curious ! And don't worry the post continues at the end of the collection.    

I was really concerned about what I was going to to do with my appearence and who/how I was actually going to be after. This might sound akward to some people but my way of dressing appoints my life, alternatively lifestyle in a dramatic manner. A huge help finding and realising my somehow new, but also already common direction, was "the sartorialist", as in my opinion he's one of the only streetstyle-bloggers, whose quality of blogging didn't exhibit a constant decline through the years. I'm really disappointed by major streetstylebl. Facehunter... but that's another story. Well, I found a new sense with which I can identify myself again and feel comfortable with. In particular sorry to "accessoryofcrime" . (don't worry I know your names but I don't know if it would be cool to write them down xD) for not having responded. Or have I? Don't know but they just have the best blog I know and deserve all my attention :D . Again on my new style: In the german language there are two words, that sound and are written pretty alike but mean diffent things, for describing one's appearence: "Stil" and "Style" . I think many people haven't comprised the differnce, BUT: The word " Stil" describes an elegant, more mature than unfledged and appointed way of dressing, while the other word "style" describes an extraordinary,extreme , playfull (neither negatively, nor postively meant, but neutral with an undefineable hidden agenda) and expressive dressing! Me, for my part, I've decided Stil !

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